Launch of Profit with WP

So today the Profit with WP has launched and I have been working hard on some backend stuff for community members that join.

Launching the Podcast has not been easy as I have been trying to find people to interview for the podcast and just haven’t made this a huge priority but with launching it this week, I am happy to say that I have some great interviews lined up this month. For many of us sometimes we look for things to be perfect and there was something in my head saying I could launch a podcast in a week and that just wasn’t the case, as many people have their own schedules. I heard a podcast interview with another entrepreneur the other day about something good is better than done and that’s exactly what a podcast should be. You interview people who you hope will bring value to a community and just continue to grow from there. I wasn’t aiming to be an expert here as I am new to the game of podcasting.

I wanted to take some time in this post to share what the Profit with WP Podcast and Community will be about and where I want to focus. For many of us who have been in the WordPress space we are all focused on so many different areas, many of us are agency owners like me, I have been running a WordPress agency for about 6 years now A-GoGo Media and have mostly been focused on small business owners, but recently I just started to move to more consulting and training at a personal level to bring in more work. I offer a day of training for people starting a business or wanting to learn WordPress for $300 and this has been a huge addition as I provide a lot of value up front in these coaching/consulting sessions and many people continue to work with my agency moving forward. About a year ago I decided I really wanted to focus on small business and local businesses with Local SEO and started Rank for Local which is helping businesses do just that, rank for local keyword search. I have found myself wanting to move more into a WordPress Entrepreneur role over the past couple of months and helping others learn how to do amazing things with WordPress, this was the birth of the Profit with WP podcast and I hope to create a valuable community and courses to help others build businesses with WordPress.

I want to be transparent about this and let others know how the courses are going to work in this first blog post. Profit with WP is going to be a community-based platform and LMS offering training and consulting to people who want to build a Niche WordPress business. My first offering is going to be a 8-week course focused on helping people look at a local niche business and something they love and going after those business owners with a platform. Over the 8 weeks you will learn how to build a website targeted to a niche market, tools to help you with the management of contacts/leads, marketing tools to approach those business owners and email templates I have used in my local niche businesses for prospecting. The cost will be $150 for the 8 week course and include a weekly webinar, Local Niche Business Ideas, Facebook Group access for sharing ideas, list of tools that I have used in my business and much more. I am also going to open the community up in June to full access and other training for a $250 upgrade for the year. The cost will be $300 per year for membership and this will be unlike any other type of business course/training platform you have seen for an amazing cost per year. I want everyone to have the same opportunity and access to tools and things that helped my business, this is why I am offering this at a low price to start.

I am looking for more people to interview on the Podcast and would really love it if you know someone you would like to have on the show.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and keep your eyes open for our April 15th online platform launch.

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